Re: [stella] parallel efforts / Invaders

Subject: Re: [stella] parallel efforts / Invaders
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 14:55:50 +0100
Andrew Davie wrote:
> One thing that disturbed me a little bit was the recent clash with the
> 'crazy valet' program - where two brilliant programmers independantly
> decided to work on a secret project of essentially exactly the same game.
> I felt very sad when both the crazy-valet variants showed up - for it seemed
> to me that both programmers, to some degree, must have felt a bit
> disappointed that somebody else was working on the same idea. 

I wasn't disappointed at all. Crazy Valet was the first, so I knew, I couldn't be number one. Don't know about Eckhard, but I think he wasn't disappointed too. The two approaches are very different.

> I would be delighted to follow the progress of this code on the list.
> Anyone game?  Thomas, perhaps you can work your magic?  

While I will play with this codes too, I won't make a complete Space Invaders. The kernel is the only thing which I'd like to do, that's fun. But all the stuff around has been done before, and I don't like repeating this. I'll rather continue with my own game or do some more demos.

> Truth is, I'm
> tempted.... but I'm  still not decided on my next project;  and I'm rather
> (well, very) burnt-out from the effort on Qb.  It was very interesting
> reading the archives (re: Oystron) and seeing Piero feeling exactly the same
> way.

Me too :)

Have fun!
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