Re: [stella] Qb: Release candidate 2.12

Subject: Re: [stella] Qb: Release candidate 2.12
From: Kurt.Woloch@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 19:42:44 +0100
Andrew Davie wrote:

>b) You get NO POINTS FOR ANYTHING once the screen has changed the pattern
>(ie: you were too slow).  So, you can continue to play... but no extra
>lives, no points, etc.... there's little point staying on the current
>screen;  all you can do there is die.  And if you use your weapon to stay
>alive, that COSTS you points.... so staying on a screen has NO benefit.

That's a good idea.

>I have done this.  As before, the fruit are worth 100, 300,500 and
>extra-life.  But, you must do them in exact sequence.  You only get 50
>points if you jump on an out-of-sequence fruit.  If and only if you do the
>sequence correctly, you will get an extra life.  The points are displayed
>when you're still in sequence - if you don't see points, then you have to
>start afresh (with the watermelon, of course).   IMHO this adds quite a bit
>of gameplay, because you tend to try to hurry-up the fruits by tossing the
>bad ones off the screen (spending points you gained).

Yes, that's also a good idea. Especially that the extra life is only awarded
if you ate the three previous fruit in sequence.
These, basically, are the changes that make an average game a good game...

However, something occured to me which could still be a little timing
glitch. It occurs when a creature enemy lands on the bottom block row.

With love from Austria (and many glitches to correct)
Kurt Woloch

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