Re: Supercharger programming (was: [stella] Dungeons)

Subject: Re: Supercharger programming (was: [stella] Dungeons)
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 09:09:19 -0400
At 08:57 AM 4/25/01 +0200, Kurt.Woloch@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>OK, I'd like to contribute my part to that discussion too about whether we
>should program for the Supercharger or not.

Just to clarify my own position, I think any 2600 coder should write using
any format he likes.  I've outlined why I don't feel a strong need to write
for the SC, but that shouldn't stop anyone else if it's what the game needs.

>on only appeared on SC tapes, so you were forced to have one. In fact, I
>wasn't even aware of the SC having existed before I got to this list, since
>it wasn't even widely sold. I guess at that time it was better to move on to

Yeah, by the time the Supercharger came out I had a Colecovision.  I never
even saw a Supercharger in any store.

>And as for who would buy the games, by now there's of course the competition
>of more modern systems, which most of the former 2600 fans have. There's no
>point in playing an arcade port on the 2600 if you can play the emulated
>original on a PC. And for games with new concepts, I think they really have

I dunno, I think I like 2600 Pac Man Jr. better than the arcade version.
As previously discussed on rgvc, I also like 2600 Space Invaders as a
separate game from the arcade version.  

>Before I'd do this, I'd rather move on to other projects having a bigger
>potential user base, such as a Palm, or a Game Boy - you still see kids
>playing around with Game Boys in busses etc. 

I've thought of Game Boy Color as a platform, but the idea of not being
able to make a cartridge at all (despite the RAM carts being widely
available compared to the Supercharger) makes me think twice.  I've no
desire to make a business out of my hobby as the GBC Yar's Revenge people did.


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