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Subject: Re: Aw: [stella] Calling all...
From: "Christopher Rydberg" <solitaire0@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 06:42:47 -0000

"Why should one work for/with you and share the profits?"

Hmmm. Good question, but I have one for you in return. Are you doing it for the money? Geez. I fired two lawyers and one accountant who tried to tell me I had to do it for profit and if money is your motivation I'm not sure that I want you on the team. My plan incudes breaking even on every single release. Likely a business model that wouldn't take me very far in any corporate job, but I'm only doing this for the love of the game. I will pay a flat 75 US for any completed and debugged game that has not been released before and will split the profits with the programmer/author 60/40 if it's an original work. As well there will be a 5% royalty for any dervivative works based on the title that are sold during 5 years immediately following the release of the first title. For the completion of any on contract work I pay 125 US to get it completed and debugged. No royalties. I will also be providing a private ftp server for the storing of tools, builds and whatever else might be useful to the developers working for/with me. Other than that I'm going to do my best to make these real releases in every sense of the word. Advertising if I can afford it, a box, manual and cart sticker for every game. It is my hope to continue strongly a trend of support for the classic systems that would seem to have been begun by Songbird Productions and homebrew cult heroes like Ed Federmeyer.
I am going all out on this so please don't mistake me for some quick buck junky. I have contacted everyone from Howard Scott Warshaw to Nolan B himself asking for assistance and have even made early contact with several manufacturer's in Taiwan for production. I don't know if any of this makes a difference, but it is the whole story. I have not set the payment system in stone yet as I don't have a good handle on the profitability of this manner of release yet, so it may be subject to change in the coming year or so. I am hoping to have three to six releases ready by next summer and display them at the Classic Gaming Expo, but this like everything else is up in the air until the real grunt work gets under way.
I hope that answers your question and I'm sorry if I'm a little curt, but I just a rather unpleasant encounter with some nobody over at Sony who just e-mailed me the equivelant of a "f*** you for wasting my time" mail when I tried to get some information about licensing Sony titles for the 2600. Anyway, later all.

Christopher Rydberg solitaire0@xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Christoph!

> and isn't much to see so don't bother. I plan to
> pay for programming work and you can either develop an original or one of
> our "to be done" projects.

I'd be happy to sell you my Gunfight game once it's finished, for just $5000


Ok, the question is: What do you have to offer, and what stands "pay for programming" for?
I mean, everybody can release his own VCS games nowadays, so why should one work for/with you and share the profits?


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