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Subject: Re: [stella] Re: (stella) VCS Summer Games
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 11:37:12 +0200
Hi Russ!

> If it's not too late, ask:

It was just in time. An hour later and it'd been too late.
The offer is closed now, almost all submitted questions are sent.
Thanks to all who contributed.
> Was any code from Starpath's "Sweat: The Decathlon Game" used in Summer
> Games?  (It's a popular rumor going around).

As an appetizer for the upcoming page, I'll answer that right now!
Curious as I'm am, I already asked that question, not Peter Engelbrite,
but the legendray Scott 'C64 Fastload' Nelson! Here's a little
appetizing excerpt of his history of 'Summer Games':

"Actually, there's probably more of Party Mix in Summer Games than
Sweat never got much beyond the concept stage."

Ok, I admit that this is just to make you curious. :-)

In fact, he didn't say more about the VCS and concentrated on the C64.
Stuff like speech compression in Impossible Mission and so on... }:-)
Expect more about the VCS from the interview with Peter Engelbrite and
maybe I get an additional VCS surprise interview...


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