Re: [stella] [Poll] What is everybody working on?

Subject: Re: [stella] [Poll] What is everybody working on?
From: "Christopher Rydberg" <solitaire0@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 04:49:43 +0000

Nice. A poll. Well here are my current 2600 related projects.

2600 Studio - an editor and host of tools designed specifically for 2600 programmers. It may end up being changed to the AI Studio and having loadable configurations to support future development systems. Still early in development.

AI Classic - A portable video game system compatible with the Atari 2600. This is on indefinate hold while I figure out how to do it. I have alot down on paper, but need to get together some plans from which to get it manufactuered and then get it manufactuered. This may happen, it may not. It mostly depends on whether I can find the people to make the schematics for it. I was trying to work with Ben (the VCSp guy), but he hasn't mailed me back in awhile and doesn't seem interested in working with me on it. I've also tried K. Horton but I've gotten no response from him yet.

Duel of Dragon and Tiger - This is going to be my first attempt at a 2600 title. It is a fighting game somewhere between the arcade classic Gladiator and the recent hit film Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It will be one or two player and feature the ability to change martial arts styles on the fly. It should be far better than what Atari gamers have had in the past, but it is still a long way off. I am shooting for a late October or Early-November release, but this is my first bit of 2600 programming, so who really knows when it will get finished.

NTSC/PAL Auto Detection code - As part of developing DoDaT I was irritated by the idea that a gamer in the UK wouldn't be able to play my game out of the box (yes it will come in a nice plastic case like Genesis/Mega Drive titles did). They would have to select their format with a console switch during the intro screens. I hated that idea because as a gamer I wouldn't want to do it myself. The answer was some sort of auto detection code. It's been a struggle but its coming along nicely thanks to some help from Eckard's(I know I spelled that wrong, sorry) post about Kool-Aide Man. If everything works out I will post it to the list as a free resource for anyone to cut and paste into their games and also post it on the Afterlife website ( for future downloads by anyone interested.

The Last Just Cause - If a deal can be struck I will likely make an attempt at an RPG game based on a recently written text adventure called The Last Just Cause. I have been talking with the author and he is interested in the idea of a 2600 version, but hasn't said yes or no to it yet. If it works out it will be in testing by New Years, but this like everything else is dependent on to many factors for me to make any promises now. Wish me luck.

Blank Cartrdige Depot - On the Afterlife website I am setting up a BLank Cartridge Depot to support the homebrew community. If I ever get it finished it will allow homebrew authors to buy all the parts the would need to make their own carts be they 4K, 8K, or 32K monsters like Fatal Run. These parts will all be newly manufactures goodies (except the chips which I can't find a manufacturer to make yet). No cannablized bit and pieces here just fresh new goodies. I hope in the future to add parts for more than 2600 carts as well. Perhaps Jaguar, Lynx, and Vectrex. These howver, will all depend on the sucess of the first few attempts.

Developer Aid Center - Also something for the Afterlife website. This will feature a series of tutorials, code bits, and links that try to explain enough of the basics of 2600 programming to get anyone going on a 2600 project.

I guess that about covers it, so if anyone has any questions or can offer any sassistance on any of these let me know; I need all the help I can get. Now, as you can see that I am very busy so I must get going. I've got to call my contact and make arrangements to see his 25320 chips and see if they are 2532 chips. Does anyone have a picture of a 2532 chip? I don't know what they look like exactly and don't care to get screwed for a big chunk of money ordering some useless chip. Help apperciated. Later.

Christopher Rydberg solitaire0@xxxxxxxxxxx

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