[stella] Horizontal Positioning once more...

Subject: [stella] Horizontal Positioning once more...
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 03:16:52 +0200
Hi there!

I've a new(? :-)) variant of a topic discussed some 100 times here:
An Horizontal Positioning issue.

The problem seems to be this:

I try to eliminate the blank HMOVE lines via doing HMOVE on cycle 74.
There the HMXX values are shifted 8 pixel into the negative. To
compensate that, I just tried adding 8 at the beginning of my
positioning routine.

Now, when coming close to the end of the screen with any value >164 the
routine no longer functions properly.

Could it possibly be that something like this happens:

|               |
|               |
|     Screen    | x 
|               |

I hit RESPX outside the screen and simply can't move back again from
there with the fine adjustment?

(The first thought I had was that a value of 165 would actually disturb
the 'divide by 15' trick with all the shiftings in it, but replacing
that with a very basic subtracting-loop produced exactly the same

Any ideas?


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