RE: [stella] disassembly requests

Subject: RE: [stella] disassembly requests
From: "Bob Colbert" <rcolbert1@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 21:25:28 -0500
	Please send me the bugfixes so that I can include them on my DiStella web
page!  As for bankswitch support, it's not really feasible to use DiStella
for that.  There isn't really much more automation that you can do without
creating an emulator.  Since bankswitching can be performed by indirect
addressing, the only way that DiStella could do that is to emulate a game to
know which indirct addressing calls actually hit the bankswitching trigger.
You can manually disassemble games larger than 4k by breaking the ROM image
into 2k or 4k chunks and identifying the entry points into each bank.
That's what I did with Solaris, and I also successfully disassembled Rabbit
Transit (recompilable with DASM).


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> Hi again,
> I forgot to say, that I've modified/bugfixed (output formating,
> code and data recognition) DiStella a bit, and I'm planning to
> include some support for bankswitching games. Anybody interested?
> Have fun!
> Thomas
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