Aw: [stella] Playfield ram usage

Subject: Aw: [stella] Playfield ram usage
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 09:42:09 +0200 (CEST)
Hi Glenn!

> I'm only using PF1 and PF2 so that means 32 bits per row and I'd like to 
> have about 23 or so rows, about 8 pixels tall, which brings me up to about 
> 100 bytes RAM usage.  When I add in all the rest of the gamestate, which is
> 4 X/Y positions, the score, etc... that doesn't leave much breathing room.
> The thing is, I will never fill up the entire screen with tombstones.
> If I know, for instance, that I will never have more than 32 tombstones, 
> then I could store it in 32 bytes as a list of tombstones, the value of 
> which is an index to a pixel.

What about limiting the number of tombstones per row?
Let's say you've a max of four TS per row and you have tables like this:

level1 .byte #<row1, #<row2, #<row3 ...


row1 .byte pos3, pos6, pos12, empty
row2 .byte pos1, pos5, empty, pos16

Now in the kernel you'd access these tables like this:

LDX level1,Y

LDA FX00+1,X
LDA FX00+2,X
LDA FX00+3,X

But I think you'll see only in practice which idea is best...
(At least this is true for me, being a die-hard try&error coder :-))


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