Re: [stella] New cart boards

Subject: Re: [stella] New cart boards
From: Joe Grand <jgrand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2001 02:03:09 -0400
The boards I make are for 2716/2732 (2K/4K, respectively) only. They use a single 7404 hex inverter in DIP package for the necessary chip select inversion. Depending on quantity, I can sell them for between $1 and $4 each..

Pictures are at



At 09:25 PM 9/2/2001 -0700, Glenn Saunders wrote:
Hmm.. How many people out there are making custom cart boards and which kinds of carts will they support?

If you need cartridge boards, the 27C128 will
fit the boards I make.

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