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Subject: Re: [stella] EPROMs
From: "nj bloodline" <njbl00dline@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 11:10:47 -0400
You can find 1541's for like $10 or $15 in good condition. I wish I didn't
get rid of all my C64 stuff. I had a lot of 1541 and 1581 disks.

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> On Mon, 3 Sep 2001, Kevin Horton wrote:
> > Also, you can use the 27C128's.  You can make a simple 4 game multicart
> > you can burn 4 tests to the EPROM before having to erase it) or simply
> > the unused address lines to ground so it selects the first 4K only.
> >
> Yeah, I was thinking of wiring the upper address lines to DIP switches
> stick out of the top of the cart case. Three 4K banks for my development
> and one for River Raid, which I've got a ROM dump of but can't find a
> >
> > Hamfests are great.  I've gotten the coolest crap at those including
> > Gameline modems, new in the box.  :-)
> >
> Half the stuff there, it seemed like they were begging you to buy it for
> cheap, so they wouldn't have to haul it back home... I didn't see any 2600
> stuff, but a guy gave me 2 huge boxes full of ~400 Commodore 64 floppies,
> full of games and `hacking stuff', he said... I almost didn't take them,
> since my 1541 drive has bit the dust, and somebody else might actually
> been able to use them... but now I have some incentive to fix the thing
> (probably just the head needs aligning, 1541's were notorious for that)
> Anyway, thanks for the info.
> Brian
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