Re: [stella] Tentative plans for 2nd Edition Stella Guide

Subject: Re: [stella] Tentative plans for 2nd Edition Stella Guide
From: "Roger Williams" <mer02@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 20:10:16 -0700
I just did some of the playfield stuff you suggest

I wrote the playfield character set, which I posted recently,
to be a starting point and guide.  I didn't post but also have
a simple extension of Nick's how-to-draw which makes it
asymmetric (adds "there" to "hello").  Of course, what I
know about the rest of Stella's hardware could be written
on a postage stamp in 24-point type, but I'm starting to get
*cough* interested.

Say the word and I'll post "hello  there" and give full
permission to republish the source I'm developing.  I am
actually aiming for a library of utility functions for embedded
control usages, but the whole thing is addictive in a mad kind
of way.

People might also want to check out my demo for the
3x5 char set, which *cough* does not suck very much.  I
cut my teeth on 3x5 charsets on another early machine and
actually sold copies of software (OK, just a couple of dozen)
to people who had no trouble understanding them.

--Roger Williams

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