Re: [stella] how tos

Subject: Re: [stella] how tos
From: braves4515@xxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 13:54:29 EDT

You are talking about the Steve Cartwright  Guide right? i have a copy of it . And for somereason im confused by it ( think i can use a daigram or 2 to show and help me comprehend what im doing. )  I was fooling around with COMBAT from NICK's site ( same place where i got the How to make a Playfield  program) . and now i got 2 COMBATS one witht he tanks spinning like crazy and one like with 96 levels. some  include 1 BIG TANK
vs. 4 mini tanks where if you hit one small tank all 4 spin out.  Hmm any rendur thoughts on that

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