Re: [stella] Your homebrew

Subject: Re: [stella] Your homebrew
From: "Glenn Saunders" <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 20:58:40 -0700
It's a good idea to start with the design, although it's very easy to make a design that is completely impossible to deliver on the 2600.

It's also a good idea to just start experimenting with doing certain things for the first time in demos. Doing a playfield, generating a sprite, moving it under player control, doing AI, sound, etc...

It's hard doing everything for the first time as you actually build your game because the temptation will be to only do it as the game requires, which may, at first, be beyond your abilities since the 2600 quickly runs out of resources during the kernel. If you focus on doing just one thing at a time you can be sloppy and still get the 2600 to do it, then find a way to make it better to add it all in like a puzzle.

That's certainly the case with my game right now due to the playfield needing to be rewritten and the timing constraints of that. The best thing I could do would be to write a separate demo that just does the sprites and nothing else, but I'm too undisciplined to sidetrack myself into doing that right now, or maybe I'm still too optimistic that I can just roll it in the next time I sit down to work on it ;)

if this is true im certain that you dont want to see what i wanted to do in
my first HomeBrew. the picture i drew up seem somewhat complicated then by
your standards ( amybe i can send them to you and let you see for yourself if
you like

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