[stella] Outlaw Reverse-Engineered

Subject: [stella] Outlaw Reverse-Engineered
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 02:24:22 +0100
Hi there!

I'm done! Yeeehaa!

Only a year after I announced that I'm working on that thing I'm
finished! :-)

(How on earth did Thomas manage to disassemble Starmaster, River Raid,
Sourround & Pitfall altogether in just a few weeks?!? Phew...)

The source is not really worth to be looked at, the more interresting
stuff I already posted. It was more a fun thing to do, though I quite
learned a few more tricks (BIT with BVS/BVC combinations for example)
and it gave me one or the other inspiration for Gunfight. Yet I didn't
*borrow* a single line of code from it.

Maybe it'd be a cool base for a beginner to start with some simple
modding. (The more advanced programmers can try to transfer the 4LK into
a 2LK, then into a 1LK as exercises :-))

I haven't yet given up the thought of optimising it in a way that it
becomes a tutorial, but I don't know when/if time permits me doing so.
Besides, some major changes in the source would be necessary, since the
most you can learn from the current 4LK is how it's _not_ done :-)

Did I already say that David Crane went through the torture doing Outlaw
with an unreflected playfield?

And no - There's no Random Number Generator in it :-)

If you read it anyway and find that there's any errors in my
comments/explanations, please tell me!

Ok, that was my Reverse-Engineering task for this year. For 2002 I have
to announce that I'm gonna disassemble 'Star Ship'. Yes, no kidding.
I've a heart for underdogs :-)


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