Re: [stella] Pitfall! disassembly

Subject: Re: [stella] Pitfall! disassembly
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 17:02:25 +0200
Piero wrote:
> Thomas, how do you do it? I mean, can you explain shortly the process of 
> disassembling such a complex game? I've never done much disassembly work, 
> but I feel that it could be more difficult than writing my own code.

I'll try to answer that later, since I can't remember now.

> Back to Pitfall!, it would be interesting to explore the alternative mazes 
> generated by different choices of the seed for the LFSR.
> Are some of them not playable? Too difficult? Too easy?

To make this clear, a different seed doesn't change the mazes, it only changes the starting point. To change the mazes, you have to change some of the generation rules. This is basically possible by changing some constants, but for more, you'll have to change some code.

> And it would be nice to ask David Crane how he choose the maze for the 
> released version.

My above explanations reduce this to the choose of starting point. But I think, before this, it took him more work to choose the best bits form the LFSR and to balance the game. 

> Also, now it shouldn't be difficult to write a program that, given a seed, 
> and the rules "discovered" by Thomas' work, draws a Pitfall! map :-)

Sure, use the code from Pitfall! :-)

Have fun!
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