Re: [stella] CMP Wizard

Subject: Re: [stella] CMP Wizard
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 18:34:55 +0100
Glenn Saunders wrote:
>I've developed this chart and I want to make sure it's correct.
>Please comment.
>	;           CMP BRANCH WIZARD
>	;---------------------------------------
>	;A  =  M - use BEQ ;       N=0,*Z=1, C=1
>	;A  >  M - use BCS ;       N=0, Z=0,*C=1
>	;A  <  M - use BMI ;      *N=1, Z=0, C=0
>	;A  >= M - use BPL*;      *N=0,      C=1
>	;
>	; * No need to set carry ahead of time

Your matrix should look like this:
	opcode		flags		integer type
A == M 	BEQ		N=0, Z=1, C=1				
A != M 	BNE		N=?, Z=0, C=?	
A >= M 	BCS		N=?, Z=?, C=1	(unsigned) 
A > M  	BCS and BNE	N=?, Z=?, C=1	(unsigned)
A < M 	BCC		N=?, Z=0, C=0	(unsigned) 
A >= M 	BPL		N=0,;Z=?, C=?	(signed)
A > M 	BPL and BNE	N=0,;Z=0, C=?	(signed)
A < M 	BMI		N=1;;Z=0; C=?	(signed)

The carry-flag is used for comparing unsigned integers, the negative flag for signed integers.

You can remember the flags easier, when you imagine CMP works like a subtraction (A-M):
- If the subtraction wraps around zero, then the carry-flag is cleared.
- If the result is negative, then the negative-flag is set.

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