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Subject: Re: [stella] QB...the game
From: "TwoHeaded Software" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 01:37:07 +1100
> Just a question for Andrew Davie...will you produce the Deluxe Edition
> of QB soon? I'm on the list since you annonced the cart version of the
> game just before the PhillyClassic.

The Deluxe Edition of Qb is now fully-subscribed.  There were 100 places.  I
have about 110 people actually subscribed - I'm expecting a few people to
drop out.

So the first announcement to make is that Qb (standard) is now available
(officially) from Hozer Video.  If you really want a cartridge, and you
can't make it yourself, and you're not on the 'Deluxe Edition' subscription
list, then ask Randy for a copy.  I did a new label and manual thingy for
Randy, so hopefully it will turn out OK.

Now, for those holding your breath for the imminent release of Qb Deluxe....
you will have to wait a bit longer.  I have settled on the design of the
packaging - and in an effort to outdo everything ever done before :)))  I've
settled on the following...

* Genuine wooden used cigar box.  Box is big enough to hold a CD (flat) and
'2600 cartridge.  Box probably painted.
* Glued to the top of the box, rare-wood 'cubes' (actually flat squares) in
a style so it looks like the actual game.  Each Deluxe box will have a
different (probably random) game-screen design.
* On top of some of the squares, actual creatures - little plastic or glass
* Inside, as noted, a CD with emulator (Z26) and source code, and all Qb
versions I have saved (about 20), full assemblable source code and complete
[stella] archive of Qb discussion (I need to OK this with Stella owners).
* The cartridge itself - with special label.
* The # of the package will be shown on the box lid as the score :))  so I
also need a lot of digits.  Probably brass.

OK, that's about it.  It's a big effort.

My first hurdle is finding cigar boxes.  These things are darned hard to
find.  I've got a few tobacconists asking their suppliers for me, but as
cigars are $600/box (the boxes I like, anyway), they don't tend to get a lot
of empty boxes.  It looks to me that I can (slowly) build up a supply of
reasonable boxes for about $5/box, but I'm still scouting for sources.  eBay
is one, but tedious.

Next, the rare-wood squares;  I have asked for, and am awaiting a quote on
these.  Woods to include Huon Pine and King William Pine.  These trees take
hundreds of years to grow, literally.  The wood is quite rare and
expensive - Huon Pine, for example, can only be found from logs dredged up
from rivers;  it is illegal to chop the trees themselves, as they're all
protected.  Basically I've asked for 500 square pieces, about 3cm x 3cm x
1cm.  This will cost me a fair bit just for the wood, but it *is* a lovely

Next, the figurines on top.  Hopefully McDonalds will have some sort of crap
toy promotion shortly, and I can scavenge the little tykes.  Failing that,
I'll have to see what shows up.

The CD is easy, so we can assume that's been done.

Next, the cartridge itself.  The easy way out is Hozer Video.  Randy will
make cartridges for me for $10/pop.  He does a good job and is reliable, but
I am required to stick a Hozer Video logo on the cartridge if I go this
route.  I don't really want to do this, so I'm slowly exploring other
options.  I not only need to get the circuit boards, the EPROMS/ROMS
programmed, but I need the cases, too.

So, things will go slowly, but I do have things moving on all fronts.  But
patience is definitely required.

Those who want to 'jump the queue' and/or guarantee themselves a copy can do
so by posting me THREE empty cigar boxes (no cigar powder/residue whatsoever
contained inside, thanks), and I will use one of those boxes (my choice) for
their version (and do it before those who don't send me boxes).  Please
email me privately to get details, etc.  Those posting me more than one box
will receive a discount on the final package

Well, that's about where it is at.  It may take some time, but I'm hoping
the lucky recipients will think its worth the wait :)


Andrew Davie, TwoHeaded Software

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> Just a question for Andrew Davie...will you produce the Deluxe Edition
> of QB soon? I'm on the list since you annonced the cart version of the
> game just before the PhillyClassic.
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