Re: Intro (was: Re: [stella] List guidelines)

Subject: Re: Intro (was: Re: [stella] List guidelines)
From: AutismUK@xxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 17:22:28 EST
In a message dated 31/10/01 19:26:54 GMT Standard Time, O_Scholz@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Now, I'm looking for a nice game idea to convert to Stella or Maria (Maria is
tempting, because it's more powerful, but Stella is more challenging...)
For some reason I keep thinking of Lady Bug, which was never released for
any Atari platform to my knowledge. Or is there some release I'm not aware of?

It's probably impossible to do, because as well as the dots (playfield bits ?)
and the bad guys (sprites) you've also got those rotating doors... sprites
too ?

I reckon many of the best games use the 2600 hardware ingeniously to
create things using the advantages that a 2600 has over memory mapped
video, rather than shoehorn a classic into its hardware.
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