[stella] Death Derby page ROCKS

Subject: [stella] Death Derby page ROCKS
From: "Roger Williams" <mer02@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 15:39:58 -0800
> But even for those here, I think the organization of the data there may 
> help better express to everyone what I'm trying to achieve and why.

It's great.  I admit I haven't been following your progress with
Death Race too closely so far, but I will now.  What a tremendously
cool project!

One suggestion:  For the shifter, instead of using the difficulty
switches for the shifter, I'd use a "tap" signal on the accelerator
to reverse direction.  Since the controls are intertial it actually
takes a second or two for the results of a contact closure to
become apparent on screen.  You can use an algorithm along
the lines of:  if trigger is pressed for >5 frames, then released
for 5 to 20 frames, then pressed again for 2 frames, reverse
direction of all subsequent control.  This logic can be done
independently of inertia changes read directly off the contact,
which don't have to be debounced.

You could also have an annunciator in the score area to indicate
that the transmission is in reverse.  I think this would be quite
playable without requiring the console to be in arm's reach.

--Roger Williams

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