Re: [stella] Baubles; some progress, some problems...

Subject: Re: [stella] Baubles; some progress, some problems...
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 21:45:49 +0100
Jake Patterson wrote:
>> I found two errors:
>> 1. you forgot to fill the LevelWeAreOnBuffer variables

> Ohh wait a minute!  I see the problem now!  After typing in this whole
> email message, I see the problem!!!  Lets just call it a copy/paste error,
> I was actually not loading up the right buffers, I was repeatedly loading
> up the TimeRemainingBuffer1 with the data intended for the subsequent
> buffers.

That's what I said ;-)

> The color design is intentional.  The idea is that P0 will have the side
> colored with P1 colors as its home, and P1 will live in the other side.
> So in a two player game, they compete to collect the baubles which may
> appear on either side, so they may need to cross over to their non-home
> side and have a more dificult time manuvering since the colors match.

Ok, now I understand your intentions. I still think it might cost to much
time, but you have to find out yourself :-)

But one question: Why to do change the contents of CTRLPF inside the

Another idea would be, to interleave the color changes:

You only have to set the color when it has changed. So you could move
this code outside the loop, and only write to the color registers every
20th line. This would not help at all, since you have to consider the
worst case. But when you change e.g. (thanks Manuel:-) COLUP1 one line
later than COLUP0, you will get extra time.
But that also might require, that you say "Good bye" to your
table-based approach :-)

> I don't want to do anything that will increase the ROM footprint of the
> level data, I have a big list of four letter words that will each be a
> level in the game, the smaller they are in ROM the more of them I will be
> able to include.  I suppose I could increase their RAM footprint if
> necessary by copying them two for one or four for one into the buffers or
> something.

Ok, then simply don't use this optimization. The rest will work without

> It will take me some time to grok your suggestions, but I am sure they
> will help!

Sure, it also took me some time to think about your problem and write my
suggestions down. Why should it be easier for you ;-)

> One other question, how much time does it take to read the paddles?  I
> have 32 black scanlines (or rather, I will have 32 black scanlines) below
> the game area, will that be enough to read two paddles?  I want to offer
> a single player mode that uses two paddles for movement, one for x and one
> for y.  It will also have a joystick mode of course.  In the joystick
> modes, I guess I could use that space for the score(s).

I don't know much about paddles, but I'm quite sure, that you have to
read them during the kernel to to get an adequate resolution.

> Thanks for the help, I will keep chugging away at this!  I would love to
> hear any other comments/suggestions!

Sorry, just me again :-)

Have fun!
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