Re: [stella] BAStella Language Reference V0.000000001

Subject: Re: [stella] BAStella Language Reference V0.000000001
From: "Clay Halliwell" <clay.h@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 18:30:53 -0600
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Subject: Re: [stella] BAStella Language Reference V0.000000001

> The 2600 is always so close to the edge of its theoretical limit in
> performance that it's hard to leave it to an automated compiler.

This is why, for something like BAStella to work, it has to stay far away
from the 2600's limits, which basically puts it in the Pong/Combat area. And
with a 4K ROM target, there's no room for a runtime library of any

BTW... "BAStella"? Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic tella? Hrmm.

As far as the syntax, I've been doing a lot of Javscript lately, so the
VB-style syntax looks horribly clunky to me. I'd be thrilled with stuff

new bitmap tankMaze = {yadda yadda yadda};
screen.create(NTSC, lineheight, style);
screen.foreground = 126;
screen.bitmap = tankMaze;
sprite.p0.setXY(10, 100);
sprite.p1.setXY(100, 100);

Maybe call it StellaScript.  :-)

Anyway, here's a practical suggestion-- add some predefined color constants.
RED, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE... that sort of thing.  Also, a Color(chr, lum)
command would be handy.


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