[stella] hey

Subject: [stella] hey
From: braves4515@xxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 22:52:09 EST
Hey i know some of you people said id give up when i find the first shinny thing i see. and since my typing isnt perfect that im not native and or i may be a 8 yr old but the sad truth is your wrong. i havent given up i finished the game in QBasic some of you from atariage.com may know about this
Now to clear some things up i saw one of you said how i got the idea that from Qbasic to run on  atari 2600  was beyond you . i was thinking that since the 8 bit system was simular to the atari 5200 ( that i believe had 6502 programming needed and ran just like the 8 bit system games that it would be a good idea to base the game in QBASIC and work backwards. ) i know nothing abotu programming 2600 and  was thinking that i should go over how to build a playfield one more time , but i know i may have given the wrong impression about my creditability ( i thought coming to you would be a good place to start  since there isnt a dummy's guide to 6502 programming. i could ask basic questions. i tend to think Java is easier than 2600 programming. )

Since you all tend to read every post i will make this request.  All im looking for is a litttle understanding and i know there will be times you all will think im a dunce and dumb as a post but after a little explaining and alot of Q & A i can pick up on things. I was looking at the Hello on the playfield program and couldnt understand exactly that came about and how to ajust the location of it on the screen ( make 1 and not 8 ). i learned the scolling how to stop it but the place ment and i need to figure out how to make it come up then disappear. i can also see how the controls for moving the joystick works. and can apply that easy. but do you all think it would be easier for me to work off adventure or something as a template for my first game? Feel Free to email me at BRAVES4515@xxxxxxx
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