Re: [stella] Strange Atari item found

Subject: Re: [stella] Strange Atari item found
From: "Joel Park" <joelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 08:21:25 -0500
I agree.  I picked a batch of these games off ebay as well.  As far as I
know they were an early form of software piracy.   Sometimes it's posslbile
to get Prototypes in the lots if the Pirate had someone working on the
inside, at Atari or something.

Some are kind of interesting.  Often times the Pirate didn't know the actual
name of the games,  I have games with names like:

Bombs (Kaboom!)
Horse Racing (Steeplechase)
Cross The Road (Freeway)

I have a couple of the Eprom player carts,  one is very, very simple, it is
just a zif socket and a pug for the atari.   The other one actually has
other chips on it and a switch on the side.

I picked them up because I thought they were a nice piece of Atari
history... The dark underbelly of Atari.

Joel D. Park

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These aren't actually that uncommon. Are the chips ROMs or EPROMS? I found
one at a flea market a couple years ago that took EPROMS, along with a
handful of EPROMS. Either way the cart should let you play any 2 or 4K game.


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