Re: [stella] How to make Stella (please help)

Subject: Re: [stella] How to make Stella (please help)
From: Phantom of the Opcodes <urchlay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 11:14:31 -0500 (EST)
On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Thomas Jentzsch wrote:

> Hi,
> I hope this is not to OT, but I'm feeling quite stupid now, because I can't make Stella (the emulator one :-). 
> I've downloaded the source, the newest DJGPP-version and followed the instructions on how to install DJGPP. It starts compiling, but then I get the following first (and a lot of other) error:
> In file included from ../emucore/Cart.cxx:21:
> ../emucore/Cart.hxx:70: ISO C++ forbids declaration of `string' with no type
> And that's the line:
> static string autodetectType(const uInt8* image, uInt32 size);
> I guess, the compiler doesn't recognize 'string', but I have no idea why (INCLUDES?). 
> (I'm only used to Microsoft C++ environments, shame on me ;-)

Hmmmm. DJGPP is based on GCC, right? What version of DJGPP are you using (or
anyway what version of GCC is it adapted from)? You might try a newer or older
version of the compiler (I use gcc 2.95.3 with good results on Linux).. You
should be able to get the version number with a command like `djgpp --version'
(replace `djgpp' with whatever the main compiler executable is called, if it
isn't `djgpp', I don't use it so I don't know for sure)

Hmmm. I've just had a look around the djgpp web site... assuming you're using
djgpp version 2, it looks like you can choose between gcc 3.0.2 and 2.95.2,
but using the `zip picker' on the site only gives you 3.0.2... I don't know
a lot about C++ (I'm a C guy, when I'm not busy being a Perl guy), but I do
know that there were major changes to the C++ compiler between the 2.xx and
3.xx versions of gcc. You might try 2.95.2, it looks like you can just
download the files & unzip them:

(you definitely need the `b' file, that's the actual binary, you will
probably want the `d' file, the docs... but you probably don't need the
source, so don't bother with the `s' file...)

> Has anybody ever managed to build Stella or is able to tell me, what I'm doing wrong here?

I've successfully built it on Linux and Solaris 7 without having to modify
anything, but I haven't tried to compile anything on DOS since high school
(using Turbo C 1.0 :)

> I just wanted to add illegal opcode support for LAX(ind),y... :-(

Yeah, that's something I added to mine, too...

Actually.. looking at the license for Stella 1.1:

The software may be modified for your own purposes, 
but modified versions may NOT be distributed without prior consent from 
the author. I can't give you my modified Stella source... but, can I give you a
.diff that you can apply to your unmodified Stella source?

Bradford Mott, are you still on this list? Does distributing patches to be
applied to Stella violate the intent of your license? (The letter of the
license doesn't say, one way or another, but the intent is what counts)


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