[stella] TIA internals

Subject: [stella] TIA internals
From: "Frank Palazzolo" <palazzol@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 20:35:09 -0500

I finally printed myself some original size (2'x3') TIA schematics at Kinko's 
last week.  I've since spent a few days looking over them.  I'm starting to 
understand a lot of what's going on in there now, and now I'm wondering if it's 
worth putting together a "Guide to the TIA schematics" writeup.  Sort of a 
description of how the various uglier bits work...like the polynomial counter 
compares and the HMOVE stuff.  Like where those funny lines on the left 
edge come from. :)

I've also discovered "TkGate", a digital logic simulator that runs on Linux.  I've 
been successful at putting some of the pieces in there to see how they work.

Finally, I really think recreating a new TIA in a programmable logic chip really 
would make a lovely project for an EE student.


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