Re: [stella] Dealing with 8k in DASM

Subject: Re: [stella] Dealing with 8k in DASM
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 08:57:53 +0100
Paul wrote:
> I'm now using 8k for my Synthcart with F8 bankswitching.  I have the 
> bankswitching working okay, but the way I'm doing things is a bit awkward.
> I have the first 4k bank in $1000-$1FFF and the second bank in 
> $2000-$2FFF.  The problem is that when I use labels in the second bank, 
> they of course translate to $2xxx, but the Atari doesn't seem to like 
> that.  I have to subtract $1000 from every label reference to make it $1xxx.

The problem with an even ORG (without RORG, see below) is, that the Atari map those addresses to $0000. And there are TIA, zero page, ...

> It works fine this way, but it's easy to make mistakes and difficult to 
> move functions between banks.  Surely there's a more elegant way to handle 
> this.
The best way I know, is to use DASM's ORG and RORG commands. If you look at my Thrust code you'll find this:

  ORG       $1000
  RORG      $9000
  ORG     $2000
  RORG    $b000
  ORG     $3000
  RORG    $d000
  ORG     $4000
  RORG    $f000

ORG is only used to arrange the code in segments of 4K, while all addresses are calculated based on RORG.

Have fun!
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