Re: [stella] Is Stella GPL'd? (was StellaX PAL detection)

Subject: Re: [stella] Is Stella GPL'd? (was StellaX PAL detection)
From: "Bradford W. Mott" <bwmott@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 00:06:03 -0500
> > I thought somebody said Stella is GPL'd now.  Which in spite of what Brad
> > may be saying, has been the case since he incorporated the Ron Fries sound
> > code.  So I think anybody can make and publish new versions of Stella if
> > they like.  Code ripping for other projects is also permitted.  I don't
> > think Brad really has a say-so about this.  At least that's what I think.

The Stella code that's in the CVS repository at SourceForge is GPL'd.  
Stella is now an open source project and we're currently working on 
the 1.2 release.

Also i'm not a lawyer, however, I do not believe the incorporation of
Ron Fries code makes a program GPL'd.  Ron's code is licensed under the
LGPL (not the GPL).  The LGPL is a library license which basically says
you have allow people to recompile/rebuild the program that uses the
LGPL library.  It doesn't state that the resulting program MUST be
released under the GPL or LGPL licenses like the GPL does.

Of course this isn't important for Stella any longer since it's released
under the GPL, however, for anyone who wants to use Ron's library you
should read over the LGPL...

-- Brad

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