[stella] Y Adapter

Subject: [stella] Y Adapter
From: "Glenn Saunders" <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 12:36:44 -0800
I'll disassemble Omega Race soon for two reasons:
1. find out how the Omega Bosster Grip *exactly* works
2. hacking the game for driving controller (if that makes sense)

Tom at Junie's creations has agreed to make Y adapters so you can hook up a joystick and driving controller to one port at the same time.

That should solve the problem with hyperspace and thrust with the Asteroids hack (while maintaining 2 player mode) and any future hacks, not to mention supplying Death Derby with a gear shifter.

Just for the record, can someone confirm this diagram?

The way SWCHA maps to the controller ports:

[L]   [R]  <-PORT
7654 3210  <-DATA BITS
4321 4321  <-PORT PIN NUMBERS
11XX 11XX  <-X = driving controller grey code

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