[stella] My Atari 2600 15-Pin Controller Ports And Controllers - REV. 2

Subject: [stella] My Atari 2600 15-Pin Controller Ports And Controllers - REV. 2
From: "Junies Creations" <junies_c@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 22:16:12 -0500
I thought I'd better post this information to the StellaList as well (I also posted it at AtariAge) to get more feedback about this, and to let people know about this modification.

In case you are not aware I have created new controller ports for the Atari 2600 several months ago. They allow the console switches to be used in the Atari 2600 controllers. Also I created a modified standard NES controller for the new 15-Pin controllers.

I have full How-To instructions with plenty of images on how to make the 15-Pin controller ports and how to modify the standard 8-Bit NES controllers to be used (With the Atari Game Select and Game Reset as Select and Start on the controller respectively) at my website.

The instructions and images can be viewed online at my site or downloaded in ZIP format. Find out about it here  http://jove.prohosting.com/~junies/atari/15pin/

If you are thinking of doing the modifications to your system I would recommend you only read it to get an idea how it's done and wait for me to release REV. 2 instructions.


My new Atari 2600 15-Pin controller ports and controllers has been updated, REV. 2

In the new version I have added the Left Difficulty and Right Difficulty switches, and have the Booster Grip buttons added to the controllers. Also I updated how the wiring is done on the connectors to add room for the new switches and to make the wiring overall better.

The only switches left on the Atari that is not connected to the controller ports is the Power ON/OFF switch and the Channel switch-- neither of which is of any use on the controllers, so they will never be added.

The pinout for the 15-pin controller ports have changed as well, there was no way around it. So if you did the original 15-Pin REV. 1 you will have to do some wiring updates to your system and controllers for the new version REV. 2

I haven't updated the instructions yet at my website, 15-Pin Instructions, I will when I get the time-- It takes quite a while to take the and edit the pictures and write everything out 

Also I am in the process of getting everything set to actually manufacture the 15-Pin system and controllers for sell.

The Atari 2600 system will be the 4 Switch model that will have a laminated overlay on the switch area (That says Power On/Off, TV Type, etc.- It will cover the entire area until the sides) and included will be:

- Power supply
- Standard or Cable RF switch box
- (2) 9-pin to 15-Pin adapters (So you can use your other Atari 2600 controllers)
- User Manual

The 15-Pin NES brand controllers will use micro-switches, instead of the standard PCB switches. The controllers can also be painted 9 different colors, and will have a new laminated overlay where the current NES one is (It is the area that tells you what buttons are what,etc.)

On the laminated Laser Color printed overlays that will be on the system and controllers they will show what each button is, and include my logo, a custom background, and a name.. I am thinking of using Ultimate 15 VCS or something.

I know the name Atari is owned by Infogames, but is VCS, 2600, or any other "names" also owned by Infogames?

If anyone thinks they have a better name for my custom system than Ultimate 15 VCS post it here 

I am also debating rather or not to include Custom Cooler fan inside the Atari 2600. The fan blows thru the speaker area holes in the case (In the multiple ridge area on the Atari). It will switch On and Off with the Power ON/OFF switch.

The fan will help keep the Atari cool during use, especially game marathons  I'm not sure if it is really needed, but it may help make the Atari live longer than normal-- which is still unknown, they are still going 

Anyone have any questions or suggestions for my custom system/controllers?

I plan to start selling these sometime in the next month or two. I am not going to make a fortune or anything, I am doing this for people who always wanted the console switches on their controllers and don't want to attempt to do it themselves with my instructions can still have it.

I also would like to point out I am not going to try and market this as a "new" system or anything like that. It is simply a heavily modified Atari 2600. 

I will make sure that included in the User Manual and with the information to sell them that it is clearly stated that this is not a new system and simply a heavily modified Atari 2600.

Here is the controller port/controller pinout so you can see what is all here:


pin # Joystick
1 Up
2 Down
3 Left
4 Right
5 Booster Grip #1
6 Fire(button)
7 +5
8 Ground(-)
9 Booster Grip #2
10 TV Type (SPST Switch)
11 Game Select (Momentary Switch)
12 Game Reset (Momentary Switch)
13 Left Difficulty (SPST Switch)
14 Right Difficulty (SPST Switch)
15 NC

Of course any other standard controller will work with this as well, including Paddles, Driving Controllers, Keypads, Video Touch Pad, etc.-- You just have to plug them into the standard 9-Pin controller ports, or wait until I release new updated controllers of them as well 

-- Best Regards,

"Junie" - Tom Cosby JR.
Owner/Founder/President - Fellow Atarian

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