[stella] Administrative note

Subject: [stella] Administrative note
From: Russ Perry Jr <slapdash@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 22:59:08 -0600
I'm still new to administrating this list, but I'm getting into the
groove.  I wanted to make a couple comments though.

First, if you send from multiple accounts, please try to sign up
under both, or restrict sending to just one.  This hasn't been a
real problem mind you, but just as a courtesy, I'd appreciate it,
and your posts will get through in a more timely fashion if I don't
have to approve it.

Next, I've been using my annoyance level to judge when to get tough
with bouncing posts.  You see, anything that bounces shows up in my
inbox.  Now, if there isn't a lot of activity, that's no big deal.
But the more there is, the more I dislike it.  What this means is,
if I'm getting a bounce for "user unknown", I'm going to remove
that address from the list pretty quickly.  Next up are "mailbox
full" errors, as I figure you've stopped using whatever service now
has a full mailbox.  I will give at least three strikes however...
After that, lesser things may annoy me with heavy list activity.
I'll probably write to ask what's going on before unsubscribing
anyone, but I will dump addresses if I'm being annoyed by the bounces.
So, if you think you haven't gotten anything in a while, but should
have, check the archives and see if you've missed anything; check
out your email, or write me, and resubscribe if you're sure it
won't be a problem.  I hate to see anyone go really...

Anyway, I've been too busy to read everything that's gone on in the
last few months, but I'd like to thank everyone who's participating,
and encourage those who aren't to jump in.  Stella's a great list
thanks to you guys.
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