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Subject: RE: Aw: Re: [stella] Star Fire: Getting Closer: Perfect Sorting solution
From: "Bob Colbert" <rcolbert@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 21:26:10 -0600
I've just caught the tail end of this thread and it seems like you are
working on something very similar to what I did with my yet unfinished
Sabotage clone.  I tried a ton of different sorting routines, but found that
for the number of sprites I had (I think I had the max set at 8) the
bubble-sort won out for a couple of reasons...  First, it's predictable,
that is, the worst-case-scenario still used few-enough cycles so that I
didn't exceed the number of available cycles.  Some of the more elaborate
sorting routines are very efficient 90% of the time, but the other 10% they
suck.  That's acceptable for some applications, but not so when every sort
run must finish within a given number of iterations.  Second, it doesn't
take a lot of RAM.  I tried methods of insertion sort so that the sprite
list would maintain its sorted status naturally, and that took more time
than just using the bubble sort.  I also found that it was really a moot
point once I split my game logic across 3 frames.  Game logic does not need
to fire 60 times per second.  I had very good collision detection when only
checking 20 times per second as well as controller response.

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Hi Glenn!

>The net effect is to minimize flicker and still give
the illusion of
>complete freedom of movement.

Of course you're absolutely right with all of this. In
future stages of the project, I'll try to do my best to
avoid flicker situations, by choosing paterns that are
flicker friendly, by making most ships more interested
in moving horizontal then vertical and so on.

The chaos I currently display is just some wild testing
pattern, so that I can work on perfecting my routines.

Later in the game, most ships will move way slower, too.
Normally your own ship is moving the most, which will
result in somewhat *constant* enemy positions, which'll
help avoiding flicker too.


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