Re: [stella] Where To Begin

Subject: Re: [stella] Where To Begin
From: Kurt.Woloch@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 13:34:15 +0200
Tempest wrote:

>Ok, If you've read my previous post you'll see that I am attempting to port
>Dino Eggs to the 2600.  I've got some basic 6502 assembly knowledge, I've
>read all the starting docs (how to draw a playfield, scanline counting,
>etc.), but I still don't know where to start.  Should I start with the
>background, the actual levels (platforms, ladders, etc.), or with my player

I'd suggest you start doing a drawing of a simulated screenshot showing how
you think the game would look like on the 2600. Then you'd determine which
graphics elements (ball, playfield, missiles, players) show which part of
the screen and what you'd have to do in your kernal to make things appear
the way you drew them, or if it's impossible, in which case you'd do
another, simplified drawing leaving things out that are undoable.

>One other problem I can foresee is that the original game used two buttons
>(one to jump and one to pick stuff up), what can I do to get around this
>little snag?  I suppose I could have pushing up be jump, or I could use
>something like the booster grip to make two buttons.  Any ideas?

Well, the C-64 version (using normal 1-button joysticks) has got the
steering like this:
Simply pressing the (single) button makes you jump.
To pick things up, you must hold the joystick down and then press the
button. Since normally nothing's hanging in a place where a ladder is, this
works fine.

With love (and many screenshots to draw)
Kurt Woloch
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