[stella] Adding Labels to Adventure (ERROR)

Subject: [stella] Adding Labels to Adventure (ERROR)
From: "Joel Park" <joelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 08:08:56 -0400

Many months ago I mentioned to the list that I was going to try to add
labels everywhere in the code for Adventure so the graphics and stuff could
be moved around without breaking the program.

I finally got a little time to work on it and everything was going great
until last night.  I had allready added a ton of labels and everything was
compiling and playing fine..  But Last night I must have gone over my limit
or something because DASM is crashing and won't compile.

The error message I recieve is:
Exiting Due To Signal SIGSEGV
General Protecton Fault as eip = 00003d0c
Then it does a memory dump of sorts.

In the code I attached,  if you search for the words "Changed Line",  I have
commented the code with "Changed Line From" and "Changed Line To" so you can
see the exact poin where the code crashes.

I am running in a DOS window under Windows 98, maybe that's the problem?
I forgot to check the version of DASM I'm running, that may also be the
It was kind of late last night,  maybe I'm just nuts.

Thanks for all your help.
Joel D. Park

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