Re: [stella] You gotta try this...

Subject: Re: [stella] You gotta try this...
From: Chris Wilkson <ecwilkso@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 17:24:47 -0400 (EDT)
Yes!!!!!!   It works!

But there seems to be a delay of about a second between an event and the
sound effect.  Example:  in Combat, when you fire a shot, it travels for
about a second before you hear the shot.  I don't remember if this happened
under Win98/DOS.  (I'm running Win2K BTW...)

Finally, I have sound under Win2K.  Yippee!


On Sun, 9 Jun 2002, Eckhard Stolberg wrote:

> I think Windows XP has problems with the sound support for
> DOS programs in many cases. There is a free driver at
> that promises to
> take care of this. Maybe it helps for z26 as well. I don't
> have XP or W2K, so it would be nice, is someone could try it
> out and let us know.

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