Re: [stella] tutorial progress

Subject: Re: [stella] tutorial progress
From: "Albert Yarusso - AtariAge" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 09:28:59 -0500
This is going to be wonderful when it's finished!  Please let me know when
you've gotten it to a state where you'd like to share it with the Atari
community at-large and I'll post some news about it on AtariAge. Keep up the
great work!

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Subject: [stella] tutorial progress

> So, another page added to my Tutorial:
> This page mostly rehashes the first few pages of the
> Stella Guide, hopefully in a friendlier way. But that
> means I'm opening myself up to technical errors,
> so I'd appreciate any corrections for stuff I got wrong.
> Oh, and I changed the name!  It's now "2600 101"...
> I google'd around, it doesn't seem to be taken.
> (Garon, I noticed this has already made it into the Dig...
> could you change the name there for me? "So you want
> to be an atari programmer..." is a bit corny.)
> Hopefully it'll be able to live up to the new moniker...
> (hey, quick stupid question...VBLANK should be turned on
> for the overscan as well as the vertical blank period, right?
> Nick seems to like it to turn it on at the start of overscan,
> keeping it on for VSYNC, and then finally turning it off at
> the end of the vertical blank. Which seems to make sense.)
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