Re: [stella] Hello World

Subject: Re: [stella] Hello World
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 8 Jul 2002 03:37:32 -0000
> > This is the command:
> > LDA  playf0,X      ;load in the data for playfield 1
> >      STA  PF0
> I "think" in Basic, so here is the Basic version:
> A=playf0(X)

Not a bad rough explanation, though I'd say that that just describes 
the first of the two lines, the second is then
PF0 = A

> > That'll do for now, any help appreciated. I'm also seeking any baby-step
> > docs similar to Kirk's redline demo... aka liberally commented source code
> > for newbies! :)

Glad to hear "2600 101" was a help, even at this stage...I'd still like 
to add in a few more lessons, where thin red line becomes a dot, and then
a dot you can move with the joystick, and then a sprite, and then a sprite
that doesn't break when it's on the left side of the screen thanks to
by "PlayerBufferFluffer" (patent not pending). Also I have a small raft
of edits to apply to the pages that are there.

(Also, I'd like to add a snippets section...for instance, just doing
a Less Than or Greater Than was more painful than I expected, so that 
should go in. It's pretty easy for people who are old hands at 6502
and no the flag sets like the back of their hand, but I got it wrong 
like once or twice...)

Unfortunately I've become less generous with my comments as I get to real
work on JoustPong (in fact I put in so damn many comments for Thin Red Line
that I stripped 'em *all* out before recycling it for my kernal) but you
can see how things are going at

I currently have two happy faces that move in a relatively joust like
manner...although JoustPong calls for them to be constrained to a vertical
lines movement wise, they have such a nice feel already (even with no
horizontal inertia, just movement) that I'm almost tempted to add in 
a "JoustSoccer" variant, with smaller goals (not the whole side of the 
screen) and the ability to fly anywhere to bump the ball.

Not sure if I could come up with decent AI for that I'd 
have "vs computer" and "2 player" JoustPong, and maybe just 2 player
JoustSoccer...or maybe "vs braindamaged computer". We'll see. My code's
pretty sloppy, I'd probably have to do a lot of belt tightening before
jamming all this in.

There was a neat game from Compute's Gazette way back when...started with
a Space War (i.e. Two "Asteroids" style spaceships, rotate and thrust) 
engine but rather then attack each other directly, they fired pellets 
that could help knock around 3 or 4 heavy planetoids that the ships had to 
avoid. A neat study in intertia...would be a real challenge on the 2600 tho.
Also, today on I posted a link to Pixel Ninja, , an entry in the 
5k webpage contest...plays quite a bit like the old Bruce Lee game

Glad to hear Manuel welcoming all the newbies...
hopefully we make up in optimism and enthusiasm
what we lack in not asking stupid questions...
STUPIDITY "Quitters never win, winners never quit, but those 
            that never win AND never quit are idiots."

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