RE: [stella] 10-in-1 Toymax

Subject: RE: [stella] 10-in-1 Toymax
From: Dan Boris <dboris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 21:24:47 -0400
Here is a picture of the board inside the Activision one:

There are two epoxy blobs but it doesn't appear as if one was ROM and
the other was the system. The large blob has all the inputs going to it
and the smaller one has the video signals coming out of it. 

Maybe I have missed a discussion of this but is it known that this is
cloned hardware? Are the title and instruction screen that the unit
displays within the capabilities of the 2600 or would they have to have
added extra hardware to generate these?


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Subject: [stella] 10-in-1 Toymax

> At 05:59 PM 8/18/2002 -0400, you wrote:
> >Boy, that was tough to track down.  Here's some 10-in-1 info.  I 
> >think I'll be picking up two of these pretty quickly -- one to play
> with and one
> >to rip to pieces.
> Don't know what you intend to gain by ripping it apart.  There
> isn't much
> to hack with inside it.  It's just a tiny glob of epoxy, I believe.

The hope was that the games weren't on the same chip as everything 
else, but I take it you're suggesting that they are.  If they 
weren't, you could (maybe ?) solder in a cart slot somehow if the 
design lent itself to that.  Course you wouldn't know until you'd 
ripped the thing apart -- or at least looked through the groovy 
plastic.  There's also the possibility of doing some VCSp-like 
hack, which would be much more straightforward with this hardware.

So there's just one chip in this thing?  Not even a separate chunk 
of hardware holding the ROMs, even if it isn't something easy to 
hack?  I'd have to think at least the ROMs are out separate so that 
making ones with new games (eg, this Atari 10-in-1 (versus the 
Activision 10-in-1 I'd forgotten about)) would be less costly.  Do 
you know if the "VCS hardware" in this unit is a different version 
than the last, perhaps?

I also noticed that it doesn't produce HMOVE lines (so the TIA 
really isn't exactly a TIA, as Glenn had suggested about a year 
ago) and that this new Atari version should have Combat.  Do they 
realize Combat isn't much fun as a one player game?  (Which also 
gave me the idea to start messing with AI with Combat -- 
unfortunately this sounds about as much fun as adding AI to any 
other "action" game, ie "really tough".)


Ruffin Bailey

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