Re: [stella] Mac editors

Subject: Re: [stella] Mac editors
From: "The Gonz" <gonzo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 21:33:49 -0500
>BBEdit Lite is a good choice, as suggested.  Alpha is a great one 
>for Classic as well.  You can also most certainly give SimpleText 
>more memory.  Just try an Apple-I and set the memory information.

Never knew that. Thanks. I'm still fairly new to Macs, and I have a 300 mhz Wallstreet Powerbook running OS 9 that I'm using to learn 2600 coding. That way I can sit at work during slow times and work on my education :)

>If you're using OS X, VIm is a great choice.
>Of course it all depends on what you're using to compile.  If 
>you're using ye olde Mactari Tools in Classic to compile, you'll 
>probably want to use MPW to edit as well, just to keep it all in 
>one place.  That's what I've used to create the shabby demos I've 
>managed to post to the list.

I am indeed using the Mactari tools. I never thought to use MPW as an editor. I just checked it out and indeed it can be used. Cool.

>Hope that helps.  Let me know if you need any URLs, etc.

Thanks for the offer and the suggestions. I've written an outline of the first demo on Kirk Isreal's page so I can understand the flow a bit, and may have some questions about how some of it works. I've worked on old TTL-based arcade game hardware, so I understand how sync and timing with regards to video works, although televisions are somewhat different from b/w and rgb monitors.

My first goal is to write a simple game using one color motion objects and a simple playfield. I guess you could say, graphically, somewhat like Combat. So you guys can count on TONS of questions from me if I can't find my answers in the list archives :)

Thanks again!


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