[stella] Attention homebrew games developers!

Subject: [stella] Attention homebrew games developers!
From: Peter Gordon <pete@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2002 14:09:08 +0000

I'm putting together a webpage for the homebrew communities of all obsolete
consoles and computers. On it I intend to post news, and keep a database of
homebrew projects. Later I also hope to also have interviews and features.

I have implemented the basic news engine, and projects database in PHP, but
currently only with test information. I would like the projects database to
have a few homebrew projects listed when the site goes live, so I'm asking if
the people on the stella list could do me a huge favour and add their
projects to the database now.

Its VERY simple, all you have to do is sign up here:


And you can begin adding projects to the database. Here is an example project
so you can see what a project page looks like:


There are a couple of links which won't work, and the "search" box doesn't yet
do anything, but all the tools to add and maintain pages in the project
database should be working.

If you are developing a game for a platform that doesn't have a category yet,
simply email me and I will add it!


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