[stella] Administrative note about duplicates

Subject: [stella] Administrative note about duplicates
From: Russ Perry Jr <slapdash@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002 01:08:41 -0600
I wrote to Biglist about the duplicate postings, and this was the
response, with some comments of mine:

>Well, geez, every time I look into this for any list that we're
>hosting (not just yours), it's never turned out that we are the
>culprit.  Do these people have access to maillogs they can check
>to verify that biglist.com is connecting multiple times to their
>server, or can they ask their ISP?


>If not, I'll need the email addresses of the people that are
>subscribed and getting the duplicates, as well as some recent
>messages they received multiple copies of (the actual messages or
>links to the archives).

If you guys see duplicates and can provide this info, forward it
to me directly and I'll summarize and send it to them.

>Also, be sure that the messages they're referring to don't have
>the list address in the To: and the person's email address in the
>Cc:  (or vice versa).  This, of course, would cause 2 messages to
>be delivered, one through the list and one directly).  You'd 
>need them to forward you the duplicate message with full headers.

I told them that I didn't think this was the problem, as they'd
probably show up about the same time (as did Eckhard's note to me),
but please check.
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