[stella] READS 2600 Programming system

Subject: [stella] READS 2600 Programming system
From: "Chris Pepin" <cpepin1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 15:22:12 -0500

While going through some of my old video game magazines (I've been putting them up on ebay), I found an article in the November 1983 issue of Videogaming and Computergaming Illustrated about an Atari 2600 programming system called the READS 2600 by VSS Inc.

For those who might be interested in the magazine itself


Was this system ever released? Does anybody here know anything about it? Anybody ever use it? Here's the text from the article.


Maybe you're one of the apparently mounting number of videogamers grown bored with what the Atari 2600 has (or doesn't have) to offer. Maybe you feel you could make a fortune designing games if your freehand sketches would just feed into your Atari 800's disk drive. Or maybe you bought a 2600 AND an 800 and don't know what the hell you're going to do with both of them.

A possible solution to all three problems has been provided by VSS inc. With their READS 2600, supplied software, and a 6502 assembler, you can use your 800 to create your own games for the 2600 (adaptor for Vic-20 games available).

Says Ed Salvo of VSS: "The READS 2600 is a development tool for home use. It's intended for someone who knows how to program and design a VCS game, especially someone who'd want to sell that game to a manufacturer." Physically, it is a "black box" which connects to your 800 through the joystick ports and to your VCS through a cartridge adaptor.

In addition to developing games in 4k, you can utilize the unit's bank selection mechanism to create 8k games. With an optional eprom programmer, you can assemble prototype cartridges.

The complete READS 2600 package includes 8K Rom emulator, Atari 800 connector cable, Atari VCS cartridge adaptor, Cartridge adaptor connector cable, instructions, and software packages for transferring your computer's machine language program for execution on the VCS and for discovering the graphic and audio capabilities of the VCS. Price is $795.00, with accessories ranging from $5.50 to $295. Write to VSS Inc., Hardware Development Division, TX 75220

The city is missing from the companies address and is not a typo on my part. I wonder how many they sold (if any?)

Chris Pepin cpepin1@xxxxxxxxxxx

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