Re: [stella] Fu Kung! v0.05 (CUTTLE)

Subject: Re: [stella] Fu Kung! v0.05 (CUTTLE)
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 08:17:41 +1100
Replacement attached.  Trust me to count from 0.
Name changed as per request :)   So, how does this one go?

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Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2003 1:15 AM
Subject: Re: [stella] Fu Kung! v0.05 (CUTTLE)

> Hello Andrew,
> > Here's my first attempt at Cuttle-cart compatibility.
> > Could I please have a report from any Cuttle-cart owner.... does this
> on
> > actual hardware with a Cuttle?
> No it won't, because you got the position for the fixed 2K bank wrong.
> I guess I was a little unprecise in my description. When I said you
> have to make the 4th bank the fixed bank, I was counting from one. You
> see, Tigervision only used 3F bankswitching for 8K games, so the last
> 2K bank in the ROM was used for the fixed bank. When you try to use a
> bigger game with this bankswitching format on the Cuttle cart, the CC
> still treats it like an 8K game with the extra data tacked to the back
> of the file. This is why you have to use "3F- Tigervision 8KB" as the
> bankswitching type override in the Cuttle Cart player software.
> BTW, I suppose every programmer has a harddisk full of generically named
> test programs. So sending out files with more unique names than CUTTLE.BIN
> would be nice to help identifying those demo programs that one don't has
> to feel guilty about because they never were finished. ;-)
> Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg
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