[stella] Stella Memory Map

Subject: [stella] Stella Memory Map
From: R Mundschau <rmundsc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 22:02:32 -0600

I put together this memory map from the schematics on the Atari Age website.
I thought I would  share it in case someone else could use it to better
understand the system.  If anybody finds an error, let me know.

Rob M

Atari 2600 Memory Map:
$0000-002F  TIA Primary Image
$0030-005F  [shadow] TIA
$0060-007F  [shadow-partial] TIA
$0080-00FF  128 bytes of RAM Primary Image (zero page image)
$0100-002F  [shadow] TIA
$0130-005F  [shadow] TIA
$0160-017F  [shadow-partial] TIA
$0180-01FF  [shadow] 128 bytes of RAM (CPU stack image)
$0200-022F  [shadow] TIA
$0230-025F  [shadow] TIA
$0260-027F  [shadow-partial] TIA
$0280-029F  6532-PIA I/O ports and timer Primary image
$02A0-02BF  [shadow] 6532-PIA
$02C0-02DF  [shadow] 6532-PIA
$02D0-02FF  [shadow] 6532-PIA
$0300-032F  [shadow] TIA
$0330-035F  [shadow] TIA
$0360-037F  [shadow-partial] TIA
$0380-039F  [shadow] 6532-PIA
$03A0-03BF  [shadow] 6532-PIA
$03C0-03DF  [shadow] 6532-PIA
$03E0-03FF  [shadow] 6532-PIA
$0400-07FF  [shadow] Repeat the pattern from $0000-03FF
$0800-0BFF  [shadow] Repeat the pattern from $0000-03FF
$0C00-0FFF  [shadow] Repeat the pattern from $0000-03FF

$1000-17FF  Lower 2K Cartridge ROM (4K carts start here)
$1800-1FFF  Upper 2K Cartridge ROM (2K carts go here)

$2000-FFFF  Repeat the pattern from $0000-1FFF, 15 times.

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