Re: [stella] The Demo Image Series #6

Subject: Re: [stella] The Demo Image Series #6
From: "Glenn Bussell" <gbussell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 20:42:24 +1100

I noticed on Atari Age that the final greeting card ROM's will be 4K is
there any chance of posting a 4K demo ROM?

I was hoping to see one of your pics on real PAL hardware rather than on Z26
but the Supercharger is the only means I have to do so. A 4K Rom demo ROM
would open up the demo to a lot of additional users given how common the
Supercharger is in comparison to the Cuttle Cart.



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Subject: [stella] The Demo Image Series #6

> This particular image turned out nice.  Just thought I'd share.
> Cheers
> A

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