Re: [stella] How I learned to stop worrying..

Subject: Re: [stella] How I learned to stop worrying..
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 4 Mar 2003 17:46:14 -0000
> >Andrew, could you introduce yourself to the list a bit?
> Sure :) I did post a self-introduction back in July 2002
> (
> Further to that - I started with computers on the BBC Micro in
> high school. Mostly BASIC back then, but a little 6502 as well;
> this gave me a head start on the 6502 front :)

Heh... I found my message in followup to that, when I suggested
2600 101 as an ok kickstart guide...and I guess my prediction 
that you were ahead of the game by knowing a bit of 6502 was right
on target...I'm trying to kick myself out of a 5 month stall, and have
a lot less to show in the meantime!

At this point I need to go back, reread Stella and 2600 101, and come 
up with a good strategy for what should be a simple problem.

Actually, I can describe it here, maybe people can give me
some pre-emptive advice...
with Pong, what's the best way of registering goals?
I'd like to just let the normal horizontal movement do its thing,
without having a variable keep track of the position of the dot
the players are hitting...that seems a little error prone.
I was thinking about putting a (visible? invisible) line of 
missle behind each player, and then checking for ball/missile
collision.  Then I got to wondering if I could use playfield 
graphics instead.

Alas, if I'm going to get through this, I'm probably going to
need to keep to a minimum of bells and whistles, gameplay wise.
Though I think JoustPong is a strong enough concept that that's 
not a big loss.

Thanks for any suggestions,

"No why.  Just here."  -John Cage, Life Magazine's "Why are we here"

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