Re: [stella] Disassembly of .bins..

Subject: Re: [stella] Disassembly of .bins..
From: "Chris Larkin" <clarkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 09:28:40 -0800
Yes... but it's very difficult.  About a year ago I started a thread on the
AA Programming forum about this, and we got into some real detail about
going about it.

The thing is DISTELLA cannot determine what is code and what is not code in
a bankswitched bin, so you have to split the file into two 4k sections, and
then create a .CFG file for each section specifically naming where the CODE
and DATA sections are.

Once you get both sections to decompile correctly, you can put them both
into one source file, replace the ORGs with RORGs and you're golden!

For simple hacks, I find modifying the ROM's in binary form is tons easier
then trying to dissasemble it.


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Subject: [stella] Disassembly of .bins..

> Is there a process of disassembling bins larger than 4k or 8k?... Just for
> fun.. I was thinking about looking at the code for that un-named
> title (with the bouncing guy and the music).. to see if I can spot what
> could be missing for level completion?
> Has anyone else thought of this??
> Sorry if this is a silly question.
> David
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