[stella] Cuttle Cart for sale. sad but true.

Subject: [stella] Cuttle Cart for sale. sad but true.
From: "Dennis Spreen" <mailing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 11:48:24 +0200
hi folks.

personal circumstances forces me to sell my
beloved cuttle cart (and other atari vcs stuff, but
this will be put out on ebay). i don't want to put 
the cuttle cart on ebay: maybe one of
you (future) atari developers is interested in.
i'm located in europe/germany.
please email me at cydo@xxxxxxx with your
bid (this is like a private auction on ebay) and/or
questions. if you prefer the ebay auction
 (for safety reasons) i will do it.
as I'm the next 4 days not at home, i will
answer your mails in about a week, ok
(maybe a little bit earlier if I find an internet cafe)?

my profile on ebay:



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