[stella] DASM - Version 2.20.04 released

Subject: [stella] DASM - Version 2.20.04 released
From: "Andrew Davie" <atari2600@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2003 01:34:45 +1000
Announcing the release of DASM Version 2.20.04

Significant Updates in this version...

* Command-line switches now allow / as prefix (and -).
* Divide by 0 (generated equates, etc.) now treated as an unrecoverable
* Error messages now contain more information about the error, including the
source-code where possible. Message templates allow inclusion of select data
on error output.
* Major reworking of the assembler output. Typically, the -v switch is now
un-necessary as the appropriate messages to allow you to find errors will be
output. Back compatibility with the -v options has been maintained, though
there may be a few minor changes.
* Branch out of range errors now list the 'distance' to the branch.
* Undefined symbols are now *always* listed in a separate table. If an
unresolved symbol causes an error, then the table will be automatically
displayed at the end of assembly. Note: it is sometimes OK to have a
referenced, but undefined symbol (eg: when IFNCONST is used, then the symbol
becomes referenced, but being undefined is OK. In this case, the undefined
symbol table will only be output if there is another undefined label, but it
will include ALL unresolved symbols).
* new command-line switch -T# where # is 0 or 1
0 = Sort symbol table alphabetically (default)
1 = Sort symbol table by address
If available memory precludes a sort, then the table will be output in a
non- sorted order.

DOS only binary included.  Anyone who wants to try compiling versions for
other platforms, please let me know how it goes, and send a binary so I can
include with DASM distribution.


PS: The "branch out of range" value, the automatic table of undefined
symbols, and also the sorted symbol table should make things a lot quicker
for people.  Let me know how it goes.

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