Re: [stella] E0/E7 homebrew carts?

Subject: Re: [stella] E0/E7 homebrew carts?
From: Joe Grand <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 16:01:40 -0400
Hi Jeremy-

If you didn't guess from my recent questions about E0 bankswitching, I was looking into doing a PCB to support E0. I actually wanted to use my current F8/F6/F4 bankswitch PCB (that AtariAge just announced), which uses a 20V8 PLD, but I'm not sure it's possible with such a simple device (and would also require some traces cut and jumpers added, even if the PLD could support the scheme). Creating a new PCB design specifically for E0 would be possible, and not -too- difficult, but I don't think it's worth the effort at this point since the need just isn't there yet. But that's just my humble opinion. :)


At 02:56 PM 4/28/2003, Jeremy Penner wrote:
My question is, has anyone designed a PCB that uses
E0/E7bankswitching?  Eventually, I'd like to have this on a
cartridge, but if it's currently not easily/cheaply possible to
produce a cart using this scheme, I'll bite the bullet and use F8.


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